Jasmine Tea 50g


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Karen is a relieving blend designed to keep your inner Karen at bay all month long. Also known as calm down Karen this blend is designed especially to support us women in the emotional ups and downs of being a lady. Karen not only has an amazing line up of ingredients with a long line of traditional benefits Karen is part of the new ladies range developed by That Tea Company to promote and inspire women to take a moment for themself with a hot cuppa. You cant pour from an empty cup, so take time now to fill your cup with a tea that is made to support YOU beautiful lady.

This herbal tea is made from 100% organic ingredients, hand crafted in Melbourne and made in small batches to ensure each cup has the authentic unique blend.  Each bag contains a generous 25 serves, you may however, notice a difference in weight and volume between the blends, this is due to the size/weight of individual ingredients but the number of ideal serves remains consistent.

The tea pouches are 100% biodegradable/compostable after the removal of the label. That Tea Company strive to make their products as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. While the label at this stage needs to be removed, That Tea Company are working on bringing you a biodegradable label in the future. 

Karen ingredients: organic honeybush, organic lemon verbena, organic spearmint, organic ladies mantle, organic dandelion leaf, organic European sage, organic lavender.

Ingredients are sourced from a certified organic supplier making all of the ingredients 100% organic. There are no preservatives or artificial flavourings added making your cup of tea 100% natural.