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Shiso leaves give you an exotic touch of the far away. Marine notes catch the salty sea breeze; a hint of sand literally lets you smell the beach under your feet. Notes of anise, fennel and white flowers appear vitalizing and fresh. The perfect daytime scent to wake you up with bright zing, or a truly unique scent for evening that will leave a warm and soft trail. A true particularity: the soft touch of lets you feel the excitement and makes you want to depart to your next destination! This is a truly unique take on a crisp and fresh scent - unlike anything else that we have here at Lore. This scent reminds us of those summer days when you're by the sea but then throw in the cooling element of Mint, Shiso and Anise and we have a completely different take on any other Aquatic scent out there. 

Top: Mint, Shiso, Marine Accord
Middle: Anise, Fennel, White Floral
Base: Musk, Sand Accord

Shyamala Maisondieu

Created in Barcelona in 2016 by Romy, 27 87 is utterly modern. With a young, creative and innovative force behind the range, 28 87 decided it was time for a more contemporary approach to fragrance that matched the taste and lifestyle of today's generation. Minimalist design, unisex, long lasting and a focus purely on the most important factor - the smell. 27 87 stand for a new era of artistic perfumery whilst respecting and staying loyal to the standards of high end traditional craftsmanship.

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with 27 87 is good - the juice is concentrated and this scent in particular is very strong! Wear is generally 6 to 8 hours but this perfume will linger for longer on skin and clothing.